The 2016 Conservative Party Leadership Election

Harold Wilson said “A week is a long time in politics”. How right he was!

Following the shock Referendum result for Britain to leave the European Union, Boris Johnson became the firm favourite to become the new leader of the Conservative Party. However, when the runners and riders were declared he was not one one of the five candidates. Instead his erstwhile friend Michael Gove had put himself forward, having discovered in the preceding couple of days that Boris did not have what it takes.

The in-fighting had begun. Or, maybe, it had started a long-time ago with rumours of long-running feuds through the party.

Meanwhile the Labour Party were in turmoil with Jeremy Corbyn receiving a resounding vote of no confidence from his fellow MPs in the Parliamentary Labour Party.

To find out more read our Conservative leadership contest special.

Interesting times ahead!



Celebrity Masterchef 2016 is covering Celebrity Masterchef for the first time this year.

We have biographies of all the candidates, in what looks like a strong line-up.

Some are no strangers to reality TV – with mixed fortunes. For example, Tommy Cannon was the first celebrity to be voted of I’m A Celebrity, whilst Sid Owen finished third. In the same show as Sid Owen, Jimmy Osmond was fourth.

Let’s hope that the food they dish up beats that on offer in the bushtucker trials!



Why I Wrote What Are Days For?

Today, I published a book entitled What Are Days For? It is a slim tome, but one that I am pleased to put my name to.

Over the years, I had bought a variety of self-help books and realised that a lot of them were simply common sense. All you had to do, was put the obviously sensible advice into practice. If only life were that easy!

What I have tried to do in my book is provide the reader with a simple strategy about determining what they want out of life and 12 practical tips on how to get it.

Not everyone will agree with all that I have written, but I am confident that nearly everyone can take at least something useful out of it.

Channel Four’s The Jump Starts Sunday 31 January

Although has followed the likes of The Apprentice and Strictly Come Dancing for many years, this year, for the first time, we provide coverage of Channel Four’s The Jump. You can access all the biographies of the celebrities and of the presenter Davina McCall from our The Jump: 2016 page

Meanwhile our Celebrity Big Brother section is gaining viewers the whole time and is well worth a look.